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Branding & Gorgeous Graphics with Shayna Fernando

$40.00 USD

Meet Shayna, one of my favorite graphic designers! She's offering a brilliant one-hour tutorial to help you become a ...

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Emails & Opt ins - How to Grow Your Lists

$40.00 USD

This is all about creating and growing your database! This is a 50-minute walk through of the software Get Response a...

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How to Caption Videos

$40.00 USD

85% of Facebook video is watched without sound. Want people to know what you're saying? You better show them! Lear...

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Acoustical Vibration of Gold Exercises: Package of 4

$100.00 USD

What if there are no walls between you and wealth, no separation inside of you, no hole or emptiness, nothing missing...

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Acoustical Vibration of Gold Exercise & course


Sit back, relax, and pull in all the energy of gold, wealth, and abudance that you desire. Lauren invites you to beco...

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Unleash Your Business

2 monthly payments of $49.00 USD

Get Your Business Up & Running! A No-Freak-Out Technology Tutorial with Lauren Marie CF JCF  BYCF MAc DiplAc...

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