Creative Accounting with Daria Hanson

Every time you make a purchase, every time you pay a bill, every time you plan for the future, every time you deal with your past expenditures, every time you are paid. What are you choosing to create with it?

Poverty and lack or Wealth and having more? What if you step into a creative space of accounting with help of a few pragmatic processes and tools that are designed to expand your awareness and presence with money and the possibilities of future and out-create your current state of accounting and life.  

Are you starting a business? Are you a small business entrepreneur? Have you found yourself being frustrated and lost with what you have been able to create so far? Or have you been postponing the creation based on the point of view that you need to have a larger capital to start/ What if what you are missing is the creative accounting? Accounting that allows you to start and go beyond the current limitations of your business and life?  

What if all you are missing is a few tools and tips that could get you started on getting out of the lack mindset and allow you to perceive what you can create and have? 

What might you gain from this course?
1. Do you stress every time you think of money?  Do you feel like you are always behind and lack rather than have? Do you feel like your bank account limits what you can choose?  What if that could be totally different?

2. What if you could have a space of ease and possibility with your bank account and money flows? What if you could create with your money creatively and build life and living that makes you excited to wake up for?

3. What if you could find out that you can create beyond your wildest imagination and you can start today with what you have?
Whether you have little + in the account, large + or you are in the minus?

4. What if you could change your life today from implementing a few steps and tools into your life and your financial reality?



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