Unleash Your Business

Get Your Business Up & Running!
A No-Freak-Out Technology Tutorial with Lauren Marie CF JCF  BYCF MAc DiplAc

  • Websites
  • Email Systems
  • Graphics
  • Video & Audio Editing

4 x 45 min- 1hr+ segments on everything you need to get your small business or private practice online.

Watch and play along with this comprehensive, humorous, and easy guide that will get you up and running in no time. Have you been putting off or avoiding starting a business because the idea of having to build a website makes you crazy?

Do terms like “SEO” confuse you?

Do you want to get started but get overwhelmed at all the choices? Lauren will simplify everything down to what you really need to know, and help you not freak out! Really! You might even have (a little) fun (accidentally!)



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