Emails & Opt ins - How to Grow Your Lists

This is all about creating and growing your database! This is a 50-minute walk through of the software Get Response and how to use it in conjunction with your website to grow your list and communicate with your people... easily and legally.

Course Outline

  • Getting Started with Get Response
  • Contacts, and ways to add and organize contacts
  • Reports/statistics/tracking what’s going on (seeing who is opening emails)
  • Creating an opt-in form to put on your website
  • Integrations you can use, wordpress, plug-ins
  • Being compliant with all the laws/regulations with sending emails
  • Looking at the color and using unique hexcode
  • Creating your own thank you page
  • Creating Stunning Newsletters
  • Auto-personalizing emails with first name

Design elements

  • fonts and colors
  • Importance of SEO
  • Creating an email signature


  • Generating Previews for all web-based clients in many formats including mobile devices
  • Spam Scores
  • Perfect timing function
  • Time travel function

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